Our Commitment To Privacy

Le Pamper Room commits ourselves to maintaining security and privacy of the personal information obtained from you because of your relationship with us. In this policy, we explain the types of information we collect either through our front desk or through the booking form on our website, how the information is used, and the measures taken to ensure that the sensitive information is handled properly.

Our business practices and policies are designed to conform with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act as well as other relevant federal, provincial, and sector-specific privacy laws.

If you have comments or suggestions, please reach us through email.


What Information Do We Need?

By definition, personal information can include the age, date of birth, address, and gender of an individual. Currently, we require only your name, email address, phone or mobile number, and reason for needing treatment. We may, however, omit or add new categories of information in a consistent effort to streamline our services. This is further explained in the “Updating the Policy” section below.

By visiting our Website, or by using our Contact Form, Appointment Request Form, Facebook Ads Form, Snapchat Ads Form, Google Ads Form, you agree that we may use your personal information for the following purposes:

To personalize, measure, and improve our content and ads;

To contact you, by e-mail, push notification, text message (SMS) or by telephone, to inquire about our Services for the purpose of targeted marketing activities, retargeting campaigns, updates, and promotional offers, or for any other purposes as set forth in this Personal Information Protection Policy.


Our Accountability to You

Our clinics are accountable for all personal information gathered in all stages of rendering our services, including information that has been transmitted to third parties for processing and other purposes. Our Privacy Representative is responsible for complying with these privacy principles.

By disclosing your personal information to us, you consent to our use of your personal information for:

  • General communications regarding membership renewal, new services, treatment follow-up, etc.
  • Accurately verifying your identity
  • Processing your appointment booking
  • Protecting against error or fraud
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • Fulfilling other purposes which are reasonably apparent to the average person at the time of collection


Keeping Your Information Updated

In an effort to maintain accuracy and efficiency in our treatments, we ask that you keep your personal information up to date and accurate for its intended use.

You may ask for access to the information we have in our database to amend or review it as needed.


Personnel Who May Access Your Information

We may disclose your personal information to these persons or agencies:

  • Public authorities
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Insurance companies, lawyers, and other relevant third parties but only when disclosure is required by law
  • You, your next of kin, or legal representative. These must be designated by you, and will act on your behalf in case you are indisposed

No third parties may have access to your personal information, except by order of the law and in which case only after providing all legal proof of their right to collect the information.


How We Protect Your Information

We use all the necessary measures to keep your information safe. Physical measures such as locked doors, gates, and other entryways, biometric locking systems, as well as electronic measures like passwords, firewalls, and other network security tools are used to safeguard your information. We also use this privacy policy as administrative measures to ensure that your sensitive information is under lock and key.

Anything can happen, however, but we do make the promise that we will use all emerging security measures, granted that it is within our capacity, to update and improve our security practices.


Updating the Policy

We have the right to update this policy at anytime, when it is appropriate. Adding or removing new fields in our forms counts as updates, and serve to make our services more efficient and streamlined. We reserve the right to not notify you directly of any changes to our policy. This page and our website will just be updated.

It is incumbent on our clinics to preserve the privacy of our patients. Our success depends not only on efficient and effective services, but also on maintaining trust and transparency with our patients.